Managing Fear & Uncertainty – Pt2 – Ep006

During periods of fear and uncertainty, some of your most useful tools can be the inner values that resonate with your deepest purpose.

There come times in life when, no matter how strong, capable, and willful you are, there’s nothing you can do to make the difficulties go away. Some situations are beyond your ability to deal with on your own. Where do you turn when you’ve run out of options?

To be human is to be vulnerable, not only to your own shortcomings but also to larger factors that you can’t control. Being honest about that vulnerability, with yourself and with others, will strengthen your connections, enabling you to benefit from teamwork and cooperation. Asking for help will not only help to jumpstart your efforts, it can also enable you to recognize hidden strengths you didn’t even know you had.

In this second of two episodes on fear and uncertainty, Ralph and Kimberly discuss the nature of vulnerability, the importance of structure in life, and the power of faith in coping with life’s uncertainties.