Knowing and Understanding Yourself – Ep025

The world will suggest for you plenty of things to pursue. The trouble is, those things can’t bring fulfillment.

Do you really want what you think you want? Or are you just following a borrowed dream? When following a dream that isn’t even yours, there’s no passion to propel you forward. Even when you do somehow manage to reach it, the prize will be empty if you never really wanted it.

You can stop listening to what the world says you should want and start listening to who you are. You can allow yourself discover what truly brings you joy. You can let yourself live, not to impress others, but to follow the values you hold most dear.

Real success comes when you can be who you are. Listen as Ralph offers some suggestions on how to do this.

Words of Encouragement – Ep024

The more difficult the situation, the more reasons you have to move beyond it.

What if you could give yourself permission to feel great about right now? What if you could have the go-ahead to bubble with enthusiasm for what you can do with this day?

Imagine being able to look forward to the future with eager anticipation. Think of how it would feel to radiate true confidence as you work to transform the challenges into achievements.

No matter what your situation, it’s certainly not going to hurt to have a little bit of encouragement as you deal with it. That’s what this week’s podcast is all about. Listen as Ralph goes through a whole list of compelling reasons to be encouraged, no matter what you may be going through.

Living Each Day With Serenity – Ep023

Serenity gives a powerful way to experience life.

In serenity, there is strength. Staying calm, when confusion and chaos surround you, keeps you firmly in control.

With serenity, you can respond with much more power and positive focus. By staying calm, instead of letting events scatter your attention in a thousand different directions, you remain in control.

When you can quiet your mind, suddenly the distractions which seemed so overwhelming feel like they’re a million miles away. As you sink deeper into the awareness of being here in the present moment, you leave behind the worries, the fears and the doubts.

Join Ralph for a journey to a powerful, refreshing, energizing place. And experience the value that serenity can bring.

Activating Your Courage – Ep022

Courage is already within you, and always yours to choose.

Challenges are great, risks are many, and uncertainties abound. You’re not sure what will happen today, or tomorrow. Nonetheless, you can move ahead with courage.

Courage is knowing that you can enact a positive response to whatever happens. Courage is being realistic about your prospects, listening to your fears, and taking well-informed action.

Join Ralph for an exploration of courage. Feel your purpose, choose your courage, and transform the challenges into achievements.

Moving Forward With Persistence – Ep021

No matter where you start, with enough persistence you can reach the goal.

Every success story is a story of persistence. Persistence is not particularly glamorous or exciting. Yet the results of persistence can be truly amazing.

Persistence is not always easy, though it is always accessible. Once you’ve made the effort you can continue making the effort, and that’s what will make the difference.

It’s completely understandable that you will, from time to time, feel like giving up. It’s also absolutely possible to let go of that dejected feeling, and to replace it with an even stronger desire to persist no matter what.

Listen as Ralph makes a compelling case to persist in your efforts no matter what.

Living a Joyful Life – Ep020

Joy gives an energy to life in a way that nothing else can match.

Nothing feels quite like pure, authentic joy. The very fact that joy feels so good, so right, is an indication that it’s something to be treasured, enlarged, and shared.

The more joy you have in your own life in your own life, the more you have to give others. By experiencing joy, you let the true person inside come to life. That person is overflowing with love, abundance and creativity, all of which will add immensely to your life and the lives of those around you.

Listen in as Ralph considers the place for joy in life and celebrates the immense value that flows from living with joy.

The Value of Money – Ep019

Money connects you to the past, to the future, to people you know and to those you’ll never meet.

Some people claim that money is evil, while others harness the energy of money to benefit people all over the world. Money can serve as a store of value, as a medium of exchange, and as a source of information. But what is money, really, and what is the most useful way to think about it?

Money plays a big role in your day-to-day life and in your plans for the future. Money can provide you with great flexibility, yet it can also be a source of much stress and worry. So how do you maintain a healthy, useful connection to the monetary aspects of your life?

Join Ralph and Kimberly as they look at the relationship between money and value, and at how to make the best use of this powerful tool.

The Power of Perspective – Ep018

What you experience, what you understand, what you do, are all influenced by your perspective.

Just a small change in perspective can reveal a whole side of life that you’ve never even known was there. Everything you experience is filtered through a unique, specific perspective, and it pays to keep that in mind.

No two people have exactly the same perspective. And although that reality can sometimes lead to conflict, it can also result in great progress. By understanding and acknowledging that each person experiences life differently, we can find ways to benefit from all those diverse perspectives. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll do it more successfully when you take into account your own perspective and the perspectives of others.

Join Ralph and Kimberly as they seek to gain a new perspective on the power of perspective.

Instant gratification – Ep017

Instant gratification is rarely the best way to get what you want. There’s a much more reliable choice.

Big, difficult, complicated problems give you the opportunity to create real, lasting value. However, that kind of value does not just instantly appear. It usually requires long, focused, sustained effort. That’s not so easy to do when you’re immersed in a culture that constantly promises and promotes instant gratification.

Where do you find the energy for taking action in the present, when that action won’t pay off until sometime in the future? How do you motivate yourself to transcend the desire for instant gratification while you work toward your best possibilities?

Listen as Ralph and Kimberly discuss the value of a long-term horizon and the pitfalls of giving in to instant gratification.

Living with the Power of Humility – Ep016

Humility is not meekness. It is a way of looking at life that can empower all you do.

Ego imposes many burdens on multiple levels. With humility, when what you do is not all about proving yourself or getting credit, you have to freedom to actually do great things.

Humility sharpens your view of reality, enables richer connection to others, and strengthens your confidence. Instead of being held back by the fear of being humiliated, you can own your mistakes and even your foolishness, growing stronger, more resilient, more capable in the process.

Listen as Kimberly and Ralph trade thoughts on the power of humility, and consider how humility can make a positive difference in your world.