Redirecting Energy For Positive Outcomes – Ep007

You can’t anticipate or control what kind of energy will be aimed in your direction. What you can do is redirect it toward positive purpose.

Some people you deal with are going to be negative toward you. When that happens, you might feel a strong urge to reflect that negativity back to them. But you have a much better choice. You can intentionally point that energy in whatever direction you desire.

You have the power to transform what feels like a confrontation into a positive, cooperative experience. Someone else’s negativity toward you is more about that other person than it is about you. Instead of echoing and amplifying that negativity, you can seize the opportunity to practice patience and grace, improving the quality of the interaction as well as its outcome.

In this episode, Kimberly and Ralph discuss several examples of potentially negative encounters, and look at strategies for redirecting energy to create positive outcomes.