Managing Fear & Uncertainty – Pt1 – Ep005

Fear and uncertainty are recurring characters on our life stage, but so is courage. And we can choose which we want to direct.

Fear can feel debilitating on its own. When fear is coupled with unprecedented disruptions and uncertainties about daily life, the world can become a dark and frightening place.

Fear will instantly command your full attention, and that can literally save your life when you’re faced with a threat. So fear is a necessary part of life, as is uncertainty. It is from uncertainty, after all, that possibilities arise.

The problem is that fear and uncertainty can easily feel overwhelming, particularly when they are widespread and open-ended. But fear and uncertainty do not have to consume you. Difficult, frightening times provide opportunities for strength and courage to come forward in you.

Sometimes, when the world seems to be in hopeless disarray, it’s good to be reminded of that. In this episode, Ralph and Kimberly take a look at fear and uncertainty, and some of the best strategies for calling forth your courage.