Monthly Archives: April 2020

Getting Beyond Loneliness – Ep010

We’re made to be together, and loneliness serves as a powerful signal that our need for connection is not being met.

As lonely as we can sometimes feel, we’re certainly not alone in that loneliness. Studies show that millions of people around the world say they experience loneliness often or always.

In a time when almost everyone has the technology to instantly communicate, why is loneliness such a problem? And what can each of us to do ease our own sense of loneliness and the loneliness of others?

In this episode, Ralph and Kimberly delve into some of the different levels and manifestations of loneliness, and discuss several effective strategies that enable you to let go of the root causes of your own loneliness.

Achieving the Power of Focus in Your Work – Ep009

Focus unlocks your maximum creative potential, when you carve out the time and space in your life for focused work.

In a world that’s constantly grabbing for your attention, focus is a highly prized and richly rewarded skill. Working with focus for long periods of time enables you to do valuable, original work. And focus creates a level of satisfaction that nothing can match.

But how do you stay focused for even a few minutes in the midst of the noises, distractions and constant interruptions that make up your daily life? What techniques will enable you to balance the effectiveness of focused work with the benefits of being up-to-date and connected?

Listen as Ralph and Kimberly discuss the power of focus, and explore numerous strategies you can use to maintain focus in your life and your work. You’ll gain new insight into how you can successfully stay focused on what matters, even when meaningless, superficial temptations are swirling around you.

Preserving the Value of Trust in Your Life – Ep008

Trust requires time and effort to establish, and is well worth everything you put into building and maintaining it.

Trust contributes immeasurably to your connections and interactions. Whether in a marriage, a business, or any other kind of relationship, trust enables progress to proceed more quickly, robustly, and sustainably.

Although it can be advantageous in the short term to betray trust, once trust has been lost it is almost impossible to re-establish. Although trust has great value, we can’t simply grant our trust to just anyone.

In this episode, Ralph and Kimberly look at various ways that trust can be built, and at behaviors that could cause people to lose trust in you in ways you may not have considered.

Redirecting Energy For Positive Outcomes – Ep007

You can’t anticipate or control what kind of energy will be aimed in your direction. What you can do is redirect it toward positive purpose.

Some people you deal with are going to be negative toward you. When that happens, you might feel a strong urge to reflect that negativity back to them. But you have a much better choice. You can intentionally point that energy in whatever direction you desire.

You have the power to transform what feels like a confrontation into a positive, cooperative experience. Someone else’s negativity toward you is more about that other person than it is about you. Instead of echoing and amplifying that negativity, you can seize the opportunity to practice patience and grace, improving the quality of the interaction as well as its outcome.

In this episode, Kimberly and Ralph discuss several examples of potentially negative encounters, and look at strategies for redirecting energy to create positive outcomes.