Achieving the Power of Focus in Your Work – Ep009

Focus unlocks your maximum creative potential, when you carve out the time and space in your life for focused work.

In a world that’s constantly grabbing for your attention, focus is a highly prized and richly rewarded skill. Working with focus for long periods of time enables you to do valuable, original work. And focus creates a level of satisfaction that nothing can match.

But how do you stay focused for even a few minutes in the midst of the noises, distractions and constant interruptions that make up your daily life? What techniques will enable you to balance the effectiveness of focused work with the benefits of being up-to-date and connected?

Listen as Ralph and Kimberly discuss the power of focus, and explore numerous strategies you can use to maintain focus in your life and your work. You’ll gain new insight into how you can successfully stay focused on what matters, even when meaningless, superficial temptations are swirling around you.