Managing Fear & Uncertainty – Pt1 – Ep005

Fear and uncertainty are recurring characters on our life stage, but so is courage. And we can choose which we want to direct.

Fear can feel debilitating on its own. When fear is coupled with unprecedented disruptions and uncertainties about daily life, the world can become a dark and frightening place.

Fear will instantly command your full attention, and that can literally save your life when you’re faced with a threat. So fear is a necessary part of life, as is uncertainty. It is from uncertainty, after all, that possibilities arise.

The problem is that fear and uncertainty can easily feel overwhelming, particularly when they are widespread and open-ended. But fear and uncertainty do not have to consume you. Difficult, frightening times provide opportunities for strength and courage to come forward in you.

Sometimes, when the world seems to be in hopeless disarray, it’s good to be reminded of that. In this episode, Ralph and Kimberly take a look at fear and uncertainty, and some of the best strategies for calling forth your courage.

Getting Beyond Being Offended – Ep004

Conflicting ideas & differing perspectives can lead to growth & connection rather than conflict & manufactured drama.

A lot of people put a lot of energy into taking offense at what others say and do. This can make you feel you have to walk on egg shells whenever you interact with anyone, to avoid possibly offending them.

But are all those offending words, actions and ideas really so offensive? Or is the drama of being offended really more of a way to avoid the hard work of finding common ground?

In this episode, Ralph and Kimberly reflect on how you can let go of the need to be offended, the desire to always prove you’re right, and the worry about what others think of you. 

It’s easier than you might think to rise above the feckless game of being offended. When you do, you free yourself to create robust, authentic relationships, find common ground, and get good work done. You’ll enable yourself to successfully connect with people of widely differing perspectives, and create positive outcomes for everyone involved.


Take Responsibility For Your Creativity – Ep003

Taking responsibility for your own creativity will empower you with newfound freedom.

People often feel like responsibility locks them down & prevents them from doing other things that are more desirable.

But, the truth is that when you commit to living a creative life, you accomplish the things you desire most – whether that be writing a book, learning to play guitar or having a great marriage or business.

No one else can create the life you wish to live, the dreams you wish to fulfill, or the accomplishments you wish to achieve. Only you can bring  your creative thoughts into the world as tangible pieces of art & unique ways of living.

Take responsibility for your creativity as an expression of your whole self. Listen as Ralph & Kimberly share ideas & give practical guidance on living a creative life in this episode.

How To Reconnect When You’re Not Feelin’ It – Ep002

How do you reconnect when you’ve lost your groove?

Life can be that way for all of us! And, in this episode, it’s Ralph. He’s not feeling very creative or connected. Can you relate?

Then, tune in as Ralph & Kimberly work their way back to a sense of connectedness, joy, creativity, productivity & purpose all within a very short span of time using tools that will work for you, too, when you’re feeling out of sorts.

It helps to remember that everyone, no matter how creative or successful they may be, goes through periods when they just can’t seem to get into the flow of life. One small shift can change the whole day,  so you can reclaim your energy & get you back to living on purpose.


Why You Need Deeper Connections – Ep001

Why deeper connections?

In a world of hyper connectivity, many people feel more disconnected than ever.

The Deeper Connections Podcast is our way to help people feel more connected to themselves, to one another & to the world at large.

Ralph Marston, publisher of The Daily Motivator, has spent 24 years offering daily encouragement & positive thoughts to people all over the world. The Daily Motivator hit the web in 1995, before Google, YouTube, & Facebook.

Ralph was intrigued by using technology to provide people with resources & assistance in connecting with their best possibilities. His email subscription service is proof that people want more positive, empowering resources because what started as a hobby became a full-time job within 5 yrs.

Ralph has been committed to keeping his Daily Motivator messages brief, so his subscribers can easily find motivation for living a purposeful & positive life on a daily basis. That brevity, however, has been somewhat frustrating because of his desire to go deeper into the topics of his messages.

Enter the Deeper Connections Podcast! A solution for reaching people on a deeper & more meaningful level.

Ralph recently reconnected with family friend, Kimberly Cain, & they found that they both have a passion for offering support & encouragement to people from all walks of life.

Kimberly is an artist, musician/songwriter, author, & a Certified High Performance Coach / Remo Drums HealthRhythms Facilitator. She uses music as a tool to help people connect to their joy & purpose. Speaking to diverse audiences about living fully & passionately, she regularly meets people who feel a lack of creativity & connectedness. There are so many tools at our disposal, but we need each other to reap the rewards that life has to offer. We need deeper connections.

A few notes from the first episode of the Deeper Connections Podcast:

We’ve seen a need for more meaningful relationships between people in business, education…all areas of life. Even in every day encounters, like shopping at the grocery store.

Music helps people connect because it goes to places within us that words cannot. When people have difficulty communicating, music can bridge the gap.

We’re all capable, effective & powerful on our own, but when we pair & group with others, the possibilities grow exponentially.

It can be very exciting to work synergistically with others & to experience the way the Collective Consciousness reaches all of us.

Ralph hears from a lot of readers of The Daily Motivator that they feel alone in the world & they appreciate the encouragement in his writings. There’s a lot of loneliness in the world & people feel disconnected from their own values, spirituality, desires, & from other people.

We often seek out ways to avoid connecting with others! We’ve become very efficient at conducting transactions, but often at the expense of our relationships.

We have to learn to be thankful for what we have, so we don’t lose it. What we have has been built, not just by us, but by many who have gone before us, over generations of relationships.

It pays to be thankful & grateful! Actively seeking out those within your web of connection brings a great deal of value to your life.

What do you make of Collective Consciousness & Collective Unconsciousness? Are you actively using your built-in intuition? There are things you just know. So much is coded into your DNA. We’re more deeply connected to one another than any of us realize. Conscious awareness of this can be powerful guidance for our lives.

This podcast is dedicated to helping all of us become more deeply & richly connected.

Thanks for connecting!
~ Ralph & Kim